Professional Summary

Kristy is a Collaborative Pianist who has a passion for creating flawless performances that showcase the best in the performer while keeping the accompaniment in a supportive role.

While requiring hours of diligent practicing in preparation for perfection, her sight-reading skills have often served to “save the day” when called upon at the last minute. She is equally at ease in vocal, instrumental, choral, and orchestral settings. Her favorite challenge is to inspire young performers to discover their potential in solo or choir competitions. She enjoys doing her own solo performances in all types of musical genres.


-Strong desire to perform all pieces of music to the best of my abilities and achieve that aspiration through consistent morning practice sessions in a constance dedication to excellence.

-Skilled in sight-reading, ear-training, and choir conducting.

-Enthusiastic communicator in interaction with collaborative groups, teaching technical concepts to fellow musicians, (especially young musicians!), and on stage.

Work Experience

-volunteer choir accompanist in 5th grade

-volunteer pianist for musicals in 8th and 9th grade

-volunteer accompanist for state winning choir in 10th, 11th, 12 grade

-Taught applied piano at Portland State

-worked and traveled with Dr. Browne’s Portland State Chamber Choir. And had the opportunity to work with and record the works of Thomas Svoboda, Salvador Brotons, Bryan Johanson, and Vijay Singh.

-Played two piano Carnival of the Animals with fellow pianist Collene Adent and the OPACO Orchestra and a Chopin piano concerto with Mt Hood Pops Orchestra

-Accompanist for college choirs in exchange for schooling, including Dr. Browne at PSU

-Choir director for Westside Christian choir and won first place

-22 years professional accompanist/collaborative and arts advocate throughout for Portland Public schools, opera singers, instrumentalists, and solo performances


Student of Harold Gray, Mary Kogen, Jeff Payne, Carol Rich, Dorothy Fahlman, Nelly Tholan

Bachelor Degree of Piano Performance from Portland State University

Hobbies and Interests

I love making music and inspiring young eyes to light up with musical accomplishments. I am a perpetual learner of all things health wise and exercise is an everyday thing because sitting still is not an option when it comes to my sanity. Minimalism is also a way of life for me as well because it gives room to spend time with those I love.